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港股博弈系統 FAQ

version 0.4

In this document, “the application” is referring to 港股博弈系統.

“System Error” , How to fix ?

  1. Always try to login from

  2. If still not successful, try clear your browser’s cookie.

  3. If still not successful, try logout and login from Google email.

What browser should I use and problem in using IE 6,7,8

  1. Recommend to use Chrome > Firefox > IE 9 > Safari, for compatibility and performance reason.

  2. IE 6,7,8 is working but they are not well tested. Also, their performance sucks.

What devices can I use other than a PC

  1. iPad : In general the application can be used on iPad. Double tap to zoom in is disabled so you shall have a easier navigation.

  2. iPhone: I don’t have an iPhone so I am not sure. Double tap to zoom in is disabled recently so even the application can be shown it will be quite small to navigate.

  3. Android: I don’t have a decent Android device on hand. Android devices with Firefox browser are reported working well. Let me know if you have more successful cases.

  4. Macbook Pro is reported working well with Chrome browser.

Problem in using the Chat Room:

  1. Chat Room function is hosted in another server and it uses Cookies to store some chat room data. If you are using Chrome or Firefox, it is working by default.

  2. By default Safari does not accept third-party cookies. If you want to use Chat Room function on iPad, go to Settings->Safari->Accept Cookies-> Change to Always.

  3. By default IE 9 does not accept third-party cookies. Open 網際網絡選項->隱私權->進階,uncheck the option: 撤消自動cookie 處理 ,and check the option: 第三方Cookie ->提示。When you use the Chat Room, IE will ask you if you want to accept Cookie, you can select always accept cookie from that web site.
  4. If you find that your PC slows down when you open Chat Room using Firefox, you can hide the smiley by clicking “hide smiley box” 隱藏表情符號區 。Chrome and IE 9 does not have this problem. Hopefully Firefox can fix this performance issue in the future release.

When will the application data updated ?

  1. Half day short selling information is updated before 12:55pm.

  2. Daily information is updated around 9:15-10:00pm, but not guaranteed. The application will notify you when the update is taking place. As the application is hosted in the Google Cloud, you may find the update process taking a bit long. Since it is a free service, what can I say ?

Where is the stock data come from ?

  1. Historical Hong Kong stock data is from HKEX. 除淨 is done by the application provider.

  2. Other data is from various sources.

  3. Index chart is automatic updated each minute and data is not delayed.

  4. Today stock data is updated regularly. Not real-time, but also not slow.

  5. Today stock data only covers about 1000 stocks.

  6. Sector statistics is updated each minute. You have to press the refresh button on the sector view to get the latest statistics data.

Security and data usage concerns

  1. Does this program contain any code / cookie collect user PC information? No. However, the authentication system is relying on Google, I believe Google is collecting some of those data.

  2. Will this program release user data, position, entry to third party or for commercial profit use? Personal data, usage statistics, email address, and etc. will not be sold or transferred to anyone. However, collective statistics (e.g. which stock is the most popular recently) may be collected as a whole, but never at individual level.

General Usage

  1. Why my monitor list and portfolio list information is not stored and lost in next visit ? It is because you have to save them explicitly. You can find the save function under the pull-down menu on the Stock Price List panel. Please check on this blog:

  2. Where is the news sources from ? Currently it is from Google Finance. Multiple source is ready to be added in the future.

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      1. url即係link. 定係我要install個application先用得?邊度有得download?

    1. 張兄:昨午我已將信件寄往你的地址,但因昨日是週末下午,可能無郵差上門收件,故恐要下週一才能交回郵政局,下週二後你才能收到,看清使用表格內的條款再搞。祝一切順利。

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