New System

港股博弈系統 FAQ

version 0.4

In this document, “the application” is referring to 港股博弈系統.

“System Error” , How to fix ?

  1. Always try to login from

  2. If still not successful, try clear your browser’s cookie.

  3. If still not successful, try logout and login from Google email.

What browser should I use and problem in using IE 6,7,8

  1. Recommend to use Chrome > Firefox > IE 9 > Safari, for compatibility and performance reason.

  2. IE 6,7,8 is working but they are not well tested. Also, their performance sucks.

What devices can I use other than a PC

  1. iPad : In general the application can be used on iPad. Double tap to zoom in is disabled so you shall have a easier navigation.

  2. iPhone: I don’t have an iPhone so I am not sure. Double tap to zoom in is disabled recently so even the application can be shown it will be quite small to navigate.

  3. Android: I don’t have a decent Android device on hand. Android devices with Firefox browser are reported working well. Let me know if you have more successful cases.

  4. Macbook Pro is reported working well with Chrome browser.

Problem in using the Chat Room:

  1. Chat Room function is hosted in another server and it uses Cookies to store some chat room data. If you are using Chrome or Firefox, it is working by default.

  2. By default Safari does not accept third-party cookies. If you want to use Chat Room function on iPad, go to Settings->Safari->Accept Cookies-> Change to Always.

  3. By default IE 9 does not accept third-party cookies. Open 網際網絡選項->隱私權->進階,uncheck the option: 撤消自動cookie 處理 ,and check the option: 第三方Cookie ->提示。When you use the Chat Room, IE will ask you if you want to accept Cookie, you can select always accept cookie from that web site.
  4. If you find that your PC slows down when you open Chat Room using Firefox, you can hide the smiley by clicking “hide smiley box” 隱藏表情符號區 。Chrome and IE 9 does not have this problem. Hopefully Firefox can fix this performance issue in the future release.

When will the application data updated ?

  1. Half day short selling information is updated before 12:55pm.

  2. Daily information is updated around 9:15-10:00pm, but not guaranteed. The application will notify you when the update is taking place. As the application is hosted in the Google Cloud, you may find the update process taking a bit long. Since it is a free service, what can I say ?

Where is the stock data come from ?

  1. Historical Hong Kong stock data is from HKEX. 除淨 is done by the application provider.

  2. Other data is from various sources.

  3. Index chart is automatic updated each minute and data is not delayed.

  4. Today stock data is updated regularly. Not real-time, but also not slow.

  5. Today stock data only covers about 1000 stocks.

  6. Sector statistics is updated each minute. You have to press the refresh button on the sector view to get the latest statistics data.

Security and data usage concerns

  1. Does this program contain any code / cookie collect user PC information? No. However, the authentication system is relying on Google, I believe Google is collecting some of those data.

  2. Will this program release user data, position, entry to third party or for commercial profit use? Personal data, usage statistics, email address, and etc. will not be sold or transferred to anyone. However, collective statistics (e.g. which stock is the most popular recently) may be collected as a whole, but never at individual level.

General Usage

  1. Why my monitor list and portfolio list information is not stored and lost in next visit ? It is because you have to save them explicitly. You can find the save function under the pull-down menu on the Stock Price List panel. Please check on this blog:

  2. Where is the news sources from ? Currently it is from Google Finance. Multiple source is ready to be added in the future.




# 0904 中國綠色食品,現價 $2.002012 1H,銷售 +16.2%,每股盈利 $0.403 +2.8%,市盈率 2.5 倍,不派息。P/E and P/B 反映市場對此股的OT可能性看法,突然不派息,大把現金又不回購,實在令價值投資者失望。

# 0551 裕元集團,現價 $25.002011 FY,銷售 +21.7%,每股盈利 $2.13 -6.2%,市盈率 11.7 倍,派息 $0.9 息率 3.6%

# 3813 寶勝國際,現價 $0.982011 FY,銷售 +20.1%,每股盈利 $0.0975 +150.0%,市盈率 10.1 倍,不派息。

# 02468 創益太陽能,盈警,預期本集團截至二零一一年十二月三十一日止六個月的盈利將錄得顯著下跌。主要原因乃由於受到來自光伏模組產品價格越見下跌,導致產生與其他光伏模組生產商的激烈競爭。

# 1224 中渝置地,現正考慮建議分拆本集團的包裝用品及陳列用品的製造及銷售業務。

# 0829 神冠控股,主要股東繼續增持。

# 3900 綠城中國,# 0755 上海証大,# 0410 SOHO中國,上海証大(00755)與綠城中國(03900)昨將手中上海「外灘8-1」項目共50%權益及股東貸款,全數轉讓予從事商業地產的SOHO中國(00410),涉資40億元(人民幣,下同)。

# 00688 中國海外發展,連續3日減持中海外孔慶平套近半億。

# 00577 保華建業,擱配股注資傳奇東方電影路遇阻。

New System

港股博弈系統 User Guide

Registration is not available until further notice.



version 0.4

In this document, “the application” is referring to 港股博弈系統.


  1. The provider of the application is not liable to any information and data provided by the application. The application is experimental and information provided is not guaranteed correct.

  2. The authentication (login) system is relied on Google service. You need a Google email account in order to use the application. You can use your existing Google email account or you can create a new one. Please note that a single browser profile can only support one Google login. If you decide to use the application with a Google account that different from your existing one, you may need to open a separate browser window for the application.

  3. Google will not share any information of your Google email account. It is just an authentication check.

  4. You need to pick a nickname (to be used in the Chat Room, and later may be a forum and other services), together with your email address, and send it to

    The application is now in small scale testing stage and likely only a few users will be allowed until the problems are cleared.

  5. Please don’t register multiple accounts. Once the system discovered that, your accounts will be unregistered forever.

System Requirements

  1. Please see the FAQ.

How to start

  1. Please refer to the videos in this blog.

  2. You probably find the application started slowly. Situation will be improved once the application resources cached in your browser.

Bug reporting

  1. I am sure there are a lot of unfinished features and bugs in the application, it is guaranteed. File your bug reports to
  2. Hopefully I can set up a better bug report system in the future.

This user guide will be updated regularly.




# 01053 重慶鋼鐵股份,盈警,業績虧損的主要原因鋼材市場顯著低迷;鐵礦石等原燃料價格上漲,導致鋼材成本同比上升;公司運營成本及財務費用上升。

# 01091 中信大錳,盈警,預期截至今年底止的半年溢利,將較去年同期大幅減少。主要由於2011111日授出購股權而需作為開支處理的購股權費用、期內沒有如去年同期錄得重大的重估投資物業之收益,第四季度內,國內鋼鐵市場需求受影響,產品價格下滑,但原材料價格卻有所提升。

# 0350 經緯紡織機械股份,中國紡機持有的本公司33.83% 股份已於2007 9 月被北京市高級人民法院凍結,該筆股權凍結至今尚未解除,解凍日期為2012 9 9

# 00921 海信科龍,全資子公司容聲冰箱上訴得直 H 股復牌。西安科龍於本判決發生法律效力之日起十日內,向容聲冰箱支付欠款8731.42萬元人民幣。

# 01117 現代牧業,澄清含超標致癌物牛奶與公司無關 … 嘿,一齊劃清界線。




# 0900 AEON信貸財務,現價 $5.652011 3Q,銷售 +2.1%,盈利+14.7%,每股盈利 $0.481,市盈率 8.8 倍,不派息。

# 0806 惠理集團,11月未經審核管理資產總值約為71億美元。按月下跌7.8%,跟隨大市下跌。

# 6880 豪特保健,現價 $1.162012 1H,銷售 +18.1%,盈利* +15.6%,每股盈利 * $0.0669,市盈率 8.7 倍,不派息。撇除上市過程的相關及所產生的開支純利則較去年同期增長15.6%


# 2319 蒙牛乳業,# 1117 現代牧業,國家質檢總局公布抽查結果顯示,蒙牛乳業(眉山)有限公司生產的一批次產品被檢出黃曲霉毒素M1超標140%,另一種福建產的長富純牛奶也被檢出黃曲霉毒素超標。



2011-08-01 : 近四年來,蒙牛乳業(2319.HK)先后爆出多種問題,從三聚氰胺到特侖蘇事件,從去年的“陷害門”事件再到今年的“中毒門”事件。被曝光的問題還不止這些。近日成都龍泉驛區某食品城商戶曾彬向媒體爆料,稱自己批發“蒙牛”鮮牛奶變成了“豆腐渣”。

.. 好廢。

# 1021 麥達斯控股─S,天宣佈其鋁合金部吉林麥達斯鋁業有限公司 獲國內外客戶所頒發的三項地鐵項目合同,總值 1 4,220 萬人民幣。

# 8161 華彩控股,基於華彩贏通與中移電子商務雙方達成的合作協議,華彩贏通將為中國移動用戶提供彩票開獎信息查詢和彩票銷售服務。

# 01918 融創中國,融創中國擬購# 3900 綠城無錫項目。

# 1766 中國南車,# 3898 南車時代電氣,# 1186 中國鐵建,# 0390 中國中鐵,2012年鐵道部將迎來償債高峰,空前的財務壓力將促使鐵路經營體制改革提速。1223日,鐵道部部長盛光祖在召開的全國鐵路工作會議上表示,鐵路建設中存在規模過大的問題,2012年全國鐵路基本建設投資額為4000億元。這相比2011年的7000億元大幅減少超過四成。


上述消息在A股市場上引起軒然大波,1226日中國南車601766SH 大跌7.34%,中國北車601299SH 也下跌4.25%,晉西車軸600495SH 下跌4.98%。其中,中國北車盤中還下探至4.20/股,創出2009年上市以來的新低。


# 06030 中信証券,# 2628 中國人壽,


中國人壽 昨 (21) 日表示,經過前期對重慶啤酒基本面的分析和投資操作,中國人壽目前已不持有重慶啤酒股票。重啤三季度財報顯示,作為基金之外的機構投資者,國壽瑞安賬戶三季度末新進,持股353.2萬股。按照重慶啤酒三季度均價67.64/股粗略計算,則國壽若沒有撤離將浮虧1.2億左右。

… 重慶啤酒乙肝疫苗?不知背後故事如何,唔通以後飲啤酒可以醫乙肝? 😎 ….







# 0243 品質國際,現價 $0.182012 1H,銷售 -26.0%,每股盈利 $0.002,市盈率 43.7 倍,不派息。

# 0640 星謙化工,現價 $0.372011 FY,銷售 +26.2%,盈利-55.3%,每股盈利 $0.0325,市盈率 11.4 倍,派息 $0.012 息率 3.2%

# 0331 春天百貨,分別向主席陳啟泰及執行董事陳漢傑,收購巴黎春天物產合共100%股權,總代價為4136.6萬元人民幣。巴黎春天物產註冊資本為5000萬港元,主要從事自有及關聯企業的物業管理。 .. 都幾無厘頭。

# 2318 中國平安,建議發行A股股票的可轉換公司債券,發行債券總額不超過260億元(人民幣,下同),期限為發行之日起計6年,票面利率不超過3%,以補充公司資本金。



# 0448 漢登控股,# 0375 YGM貿易,利豐控股家族馮國經、馮國綸旗下的私人公司利豐零售,將向漢登股東提全面收購,每股作價2.7元,較漢登停牌前收市價1.7元有58.8%溢價,合共持漢登69.06%股份的孔氏家族與YGM貿易,已承諾接受收購。漢登與YGM貿易今日復牌。利豐零售表示,若在提出收購後4個月內,不低於90%漢登股東批准,會進行強制收購及將漢登私有化;但若未能進行強制收購,利豐零售也會採取措施以確保漢登有足夠公眾持股量。

# 0375 每股獲得一次性利潤 ~ $2

# 01225 隆成集團,盈警,年度之盈利相比於二零一零年同期預期將會出現重大下跌。董事會認為本集團的盈利預期下降主要是由於原材料和勞動力成本增加,及人民幣對主要外幣持續升值有關。

# 0762 中國聯通,3G上客速度加加快,要考慮。

# 00682 超大現代,穆迪將撤銷超大信用評級,真係垃圾都不如 ?